Let’s do something transformational together

“Take your kryptonite and make it into your dynamite. Let your ‘weaknesses’ become the thing that blows up your self-delusions and reminds you that you are bigger than the adversities you’ve had to overcome.” – Dr. Anita Kite

I am a leadership coach. I know – not a big distinguisher these days. So – why work with me? Read on for the enticing details (AKA – why you ABSOLUTELY want to work with me)

This is what you need to know before pulling the proverbial trigger:

– I’m direct – will call you on your BS
– I use A LOT of humor
– I’m well-versed in evidenced-based practices for shifting unhelpful habits and menacing mindsets – no fluffy crap – I’m a trained scientist with a Ph.D.
– I will help you identify your goals AND your competing commitments – those things that keep you stuck in old patterns despite your protests to the contrary
– I am NOT a miracle worker – if you don’t show up and do the work (the HARD work) – you will remain stuck
– Can you see a different, better future for yourself – yes? Great! You’ve accomplished Step 1 – arguably, the easy step
– Are you willing to do the necessary ‘grind’ work to ACTUALLY make meaningful shifts in your life? – Maybe? That’s what you need to find out.

If your answer is ‘Yes’ – you are going to ROCK and I’m going to help you get there